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Operation Five Chapter 1

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Operation Five Chapter One - The Revolution Begins

Magic Clock demands a huge change in the Clock Crew, in order to build a better community. New laws are enforced and breakage will result in imprisonment. But things soon start to go wrong...

Work on Operation Five began in June 2005. Equipped with Flash MX 04 and Photoshop, I have produced my biggest movie yet. Since, I have touched it up with Flash 8. The events portrayed in this movie are a literal representation of real Clock Crew events.

Clock or not, I hope you enjoy this film. Vote fairly...

- Movie is 5 minutes long approx
- Work has taken nearly 5 months
- Extras include: Movie Trailer, "A Note From Brit"
- Strawberry Clock is the King of the portal



That was neato! Poor clock crew...

Awsome movie!

I loved it! What strikes me, is that MagicClock really feels that way. Even a n00b likes me can see this.

Some of the sounds seemed to have been cut off towards the end. Like PineappleClock not having a voice and the "sniper shot" sound was not included. I don't know if this was intended, but thought I point it out. The only bug in there (if there is one), was the credits. It seem to have stop all of a sudden.

However, if this was part of the plan, then excuse me. I still think this is great moive and I can't wait until part two!

THat was very good!

And I was fucking in it, as Reno clock, and I wasn't imprisoned.

Must've been my latest movie, eh?


im in jail :(

omfg i am in it!
wow brit, you've really outdone yourself this time. You released this in perfect timing, with the flash 8's new effects and what really IS happening to the clockcrew. This has to make front page, this must!


That was amazing, truly one of the greatest movies ever created. I'm betting you get daily feature.

Anyone who says this is crap should be taken into a dark room and beat silly with a garden hose.


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4.05 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2005
3:07 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place October 1, 2005