Operation Five Chapter 1

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Operation Five Chapter One - The Revolution Begins

Magic Clock demands a huge change in the Clock Crew, in order to build a better community. New laws are enforced and breakage will result in imprisonment. But things soon start to go wrong...

Work on Operation Five began in June 2005. Equipped with Flash MX 04 and Photoshop, I have produced my biggest movie yet. Since, I have touched it up with Flash 8. The events portrayed in this movie are a literal representation of real Clock Crew events.

Clock or not, I hope you enjoy this film. Vote fairly...

- Movie is 5 minutes long approx
- Work has taken nearly 5 months
- Extras include: Movie Trailer, "A Note From Brit"
- Strawberry Clock is the King of the portal



Definately one of the greatest clock films ever.

Maybe i could be in part 2? ;)


SmigeFlash responds:

Definitley NOT ^_^

And sure

Brilliant idea!

I'm not a fan of the clocks... but then again, there has been so much crap out there that has passed as "clock" flash. Thanks for bringing some sanity... or is it insanity... to the clock crew.

Just a few points, your animation skill is clearly very good, but the story got a little confusing just after Koala came to get Rasta clock. I was not sure what Stick Clock and golf ball clock (??) were doing. Also, it seemed that the sound went out when Pineapple clock started to talk. It came back when the credits began to roll. At least that's what happened on my pc.

Anyway, keep it up... can't wait to see episode 2.

SmigeFlash responds:

Thanks. The whole Pineapple thing was a Flash bug, I've fixed it now.


That was an excellent movie.... Very moving, and I can't wait to see how it ends! 5/5, 10/10.. Excellent job BritClock!

I think this law should be passed...

a lot of the latest clock crew flashes have been horrible...

one of the better clock movies

I'm not a clock fan, but this was decent with a fairly interesting storyline, and the robovoice on this one was understandable and didn't totally stink up the place the way some of them do.


The secret meeting scene would have been better without the background music, or with it turned down. It made it a little hard to understand the voices.

Why doesn't Pineapple have a voice at the rally?

The slide right before the rally ... well, I'd rather you SHOWED me what happened instead of TELLING me what happened, but on top of that, this particular slide is unnecessary. I think most people would have no problems figuring out what's going on if you'd just left it out completely.

I don't know (or CARE much, for that matter) what the internal politics of the Clock Crew are. However, what I'm getting from this is that a group of people thought that people who made crappy flashes shouldn't be in the Clock Crew. And, since as far as I can tell, they're sort of the villains of the piece ... is the take home message here that people who make crappy flashes SHOULD be in the Clock Crew?

This doesn't have much to do with this piece specifically, but to an outsider, the CC just seems weird, arbitrary, and ... kind of fascist, actually. "Vote 5 on this, even though we all know it's crap, because it's by an important Party ... er, excuse, me, I meant 'Crew' member." There are actually quite a few fairly good Clock pieces out there (this being one of them), but they're not necessarily the ones that are being promoted by the CC.

SmigeFlash responds:

God, you have way too much spare time.

When, in this movie, did I imply you should vote 5?

Also, I am not trying to show an opinion in these movies, just portraying what is happening at this moment in time.

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Sep 30, 2005
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