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Saved?I feel kinda disappointed now...

I'm deciding to submit the trailer,even though not intended.Chances are it'll be blammed since it's so short...whatever.

This is a trailer for my upcoming movie "Resident Clockville".The wierd hopping things are the zombies...lol.I'm hoping it will be my best animation because it will get time,and the animation will be better than my other stuff.Good day.

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((( NEEDS MORE )))

That seemed to short for a trailer, needed more, and more scenes besides just the clocks more on what to expect, kinda neat though...

Well to be a good trailer it needs to have more detail and more info on the full version, while its a trailer it should be short but still give enough scenes, story plot, and characters info and give the viewers something to want to look forward to the full version...

Short trailer more like a clock profile thingy well 3-4 of them anyways...


Thomas responds:

Haha,thanks for your response,but I feel I have wasted your time.This was just a preteen fantasy that never came to be...and never will.

Alright trailer

Yeah, it's a nice trailer, but it's way too short, even for a trailer. The graphics were very nice, like they often are in clock movies. Good luck with the full project, it looks promising.
Keep it up!


Nice music, graphic.

Nice short trailer!

I loved the music, it's great. Nice graphics too.
Too bad this was a little short, but that's ok.
Id love to see the full movie :D
3/5 it was a little too short, but fun to watch.

clocks and locks?

fucking clocks, fucking locks... my balls your chin

Thomas responds:

I hate it when noobs who know nothing about Flash write BAD reviews.Your all gay pussies.