Sonic In The City Ep.6

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Sonic In The City Heroes style. Yeah thats right this is the style that will be in the future episodes. To make myself clear: THERE IS NO PLOT. Ok so in this episode Tails (works as a pizza deliverer) has to deliver 300 pizzas and asks Sonic and Knuckles to help him. After a day of hard work, they kindly take their ... hehe.. "reward" :) Well enjoy and hope you like it!



mr bean

sweet and just for the record

the hat tails was wearing in the beginning looked a hell lot like mario's

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that wuz mad funny

i was crackin up that was a good idea i really started laughing when they all left the house and then that OUCH sound came on and someone said shit my back i was rollin and now u probably think im a crackhead for laughin so hard at that part but shit like that jus makes me laugh ha but anyway real good job im going to see the rest of your episodes right now

plz plz plz

Please continue the series

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okay first up if your actully taking the time to read this (wich i doubt highly) then know that this contains a threat. but a MABYE THREAT okay? now then. i just finished watching all the sonic in the city epsiodes so far. and holy shit its AWSOME!!!!!!!! friggen awsome! and heres the threat part. if you ever consider to stop making this series ill hunt you down and beat you with 2 wet noodles a fried chicken leg (maybe if i didnt eat it by the time i get there) and a frozen salami. so let that be a warnin to ye. KEEEP MAKIN THIS STUFF ITS ONE OF THE BEST SERIES IVE EVER SEEEEEN!!!!! done.

CaramelAppleClock responds:

lool :) thx. Btw sitc episode 7 haloween special its on its way ;). And no i dont think im gonna stop making sonic in the city (for the time being) :P

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3.74 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2005
3:48 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody