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ho ho ho about a week to go.

take a look gear up make movies watch toons vote review its all fun when you are watching star syndicate movies on newgrounds oh god its a fuking extravaganza or some weird shit. todays shit is shittied by shits like Faggotstar, Skankycat, rexco and Psychojester OH GOD ITS LIKE A FUCKING what OH GOD STOP rEjsa FUCK OFF

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An excellent Dailytoon.

Faggotstar-So true
Skankycat-Weirdest Mario movie I've ever seen
rexco-And what a good 10 seconds it was


Lol well it was entertaining as usual, funny and some random clips made for a few good laughs so i was impressed there even some of the artwork on all clips was notbad really good infact, i like this one, keep it up...

Make them 6 clips instead of 4 since you do make lots of them...

Another classic from the SS...


Best toon ever!

pretty good daily toon nice graphics and all that sound and everything hope to see some more good ones like this later!


Nice daily2oon today

Aweosme but were'nt we gonna stick with the crappy menus and loaders?

I wanted you guys stick with the point i was trying to prove that it don't take fancy shit to pass.

Our focus is on pure content remember? as much as the fans miss the yenig's movie.

Bringing it back kinda destroys the whole point i was trying to prove.

Remember guys menu don't matter.


Another good Daily2oon.

I enjoyed that, as I did most others. Over the past few days you haven't used that intro though, and you finally used it again. I love the Star Syndicate intro.