Sonic: The Lost Emerald

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To everyone who is wondering, yes there will be a sequel, I apologize for grammar the next one won't have such problems. I can see my score is lower then expected, but I can understand since I am a flash beginner alot of people won't notice me like that. I'm sure my next flash will have a better score since I will be more popular and stuff. Expect to see me in alot of colabs, ect. I really need to get my popularity up so more people will vote. Thanks for your reviews.

This is my first flash being submitted to newgrounds. I really want to say thanks to all of those who supported me, LGD Vegetto, NGcheeks, Cajun Spirit, Kaosboy,FlameZero, Sonic Zero, (THANKS for making the title screen!), family, friends and the lord THANKS.

This story picks up when Sonic is being chased by Eggman trying to stop his evil plans. Eggman loses but finds what is to be the most powerful Emerald in the world.

This is episode 1 there will be 2 more from here. I hope you enjoy my movie I put alot of time and effort into it.

PS. Sprite haters please don't review this movie. If you do then take time to appreciate the story I put in for your enjoyment.


Not a bad start, but...

First of all, using Metal Sonic as a major villain is very cliche, and it looks like it is likely going the way of Sonic the Swordsman. I hope that that doesn't happen, as you won't believe how many I've seen like that. Of course, maybe I'm just overreacting this early in a review, but I digress...

Your idea of another more powerful emerald isn't too bad (although you'd think that something of such power would be better guarded, don't you agree?), the sprites used did not mix bittages at all, the music selection and usage was great, animation was smooth, and if you try and be more original in it, the plot will definetly turn into something going for you other than against you! As for the effects... Personally, I think that the lazer shtick has been overdone, especially with Sonic's robotic counterparts, however, the sound and battle effects were overall pretty good. Next time however, I suggest using the screen flash effect sparingly, instead of doing it after every attack the enemy does. Try using it ONLY on the major attacks that are perfermed rarily during a fight. The cataclysmically powerful ones could make good use of that effect. Anyways, I personally liked how you did the outer space balled-up battle, and would suggest you do more of those in the future! It was really cool!

All in all, this was pretty much an average flash because of the cliches and minor flaws. However, it shows you've got some nice skill and some real potential! I suggest that you make some custom sprite poses for the cast next time, that way Sonic and co. aren't just limited to what's on their sprite sheets! After all, originality in sprites can go a long way! Good luck in your future works!

Xcyper33 responds:

Thanks for your review! Nice advice and I'll take it.

Looked great, but no substance

You're very good with sprites in this.

However, do you know how many Sonic cliches alone you violated with that plot? I counted at least 2 major ones (going Super easily, unknown emerald); and this is completely ignoring the conventional plot cliches.

Xcyper33 responds:

Super Sonic easily yes, but Unknown emerald is not common.

Dam good.

Very nice. I don't even like Sonic, however, I did like this. Very nice animations, I see you put lots of work into it, and it came out well. Excellent work.

Xcyper33 responds:


u dezerve 2 b on new gerounds

my 5 belong 2 u and ur great sonic acheivment

Xcyper33 responds:

Thank you!

Not bad...

Can't say much for it, but I won't blam it, it wasn't that bad. There could have been some more animation, mostly it was sprites banging into each other, but i've seen worse. Music was pretty much perfect, sound effects were good. The story...I personally hated the story, but then, I'm a bit to much of perfectionist with sonic, considering I've read all the manga, so alterations in the story and characters bug me, lol. Either way though, a good flash for your first attempt.

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3.50 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2005
5:08 PM EDT
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