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Megaman VS Mario (expande

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Megaman and mario duke it out in this expanded version with better sounds!

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good job

megaman owned mario

Cool better than the first one.

Again mario lost to the alltime superhero; megaman!!! Mario just can't win, can he??!!!

like the 1st 1.

this sucked. but at least you put in music. but i did'nt really enjoy the music either. i want something with good music. and it was still too short. all you did was put in the 32 bit megaman to finish off mario.I also noticed that when reviewers ask the author another flash they don't make it. so. PLEASE MAKE MEGAMAN VS. MARIO FIXED 2 USING THE ADVICE I GAVE YOU IN THE FIRST ONE! PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSEEEE!


This movie sucks worse than MY first submission. Needless to say, you have a good idea, pit two popular characters against each other. But GOD! Make it longer, add better effects, and learn how to make F-ING SYMBOLS! And no, I'm not PMSing, I don't even know you, but dude. You need some MAJOR practice. PS, I didn't get to hear your sounds. (No sound card on the comp. I'm using.) Maybe I'll change my review once I see it with sounds, but I doubt it. >_<


good laughs. you, are a very good spriter.
oh, and have you noticed that the only people who rate low are the people that have no experience?