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The assault

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I'd just like to say that empkadoodle dee helped on this flash! Also check out the forums for a new collab were starting now!

Please watch this to the end, as the story may not make any sense unless you see the end. But if it dosent make any sense anyway don't worry, because the second episode is in the making!

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Nice and smooth animation good action decen artwork all seemed to fit well and flowd well, i liked it, my only isue was the filesize not real large but could be better...

Lowering the file would help...

A good action with decent animation of a flash...



Cool flash fast action, nothing more to say
Good job


"Wounds in the back are a warrior's shame." It was sort of obvious what sword-man was gonna do. You could have shaken it up a little to surprise the viewers. The note was kind of wierd, but I liked the ending. Overall, there's room for improvment, but it's worth watching.


There is a thing that I like to call "creative scene change". Eh, this lacks them.

not too good

the slo mo was repetitive, the flips were too long, and looked very awkward. overall, this was a very hackneyed theme that was beaten to death with a turd