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CastleVania: TFB Final+

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With more bosses and better playability!

CastleVania: The Final Battle, is an enhanced CastleVania emulated using Flash. This is the full version(It Even got an Ending!).
This game has only you aginst Dracula's first form. It may be hard and sometimes unfair(Bugs!), know that if Dracula Appears on you, you will gain MASSIVE Damage!

-OK! So I LIED about that the previous version was the final...but, THIS is the FINAL version, I wont make any more of this, since people seem to get tired of it.
This version is easier than the previous one, and I have fixed some (a) bugs.

-You must hit Draculas HEAD to damage him.
-To avoid losing control because of popups, dont close the windows. After some popups, they will bother you no more!
-Dont press the whip button rapidly nor hold it for more than 1 second, or simon will go mad!

Move = Arrows
hit = z
jump = x


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Really good

So this game entry was a great one not just because it was castlevania related but the graphics and art style was really good and also thaught the music was very fitting so nice game


I loved the graphics, and the music, felt very much like Castlevania, but man, it was unfair generally.

The fact that Dracula could spawn on top of you was what really made this bad, in fact, it's not so much that he could, it's just that you had no way of telling when. Besides that the ideal fighting mechanics would've worked out. (still very hard to hit the man without trading hits)

So there were two main bugs, if you held down attack, you'd infinitely hit with nothing, until you were damaged. The other one was you could get suspended in air until you jumped again, making you impervious to damage. Combining these two creates a soft lock. This version of the game seems to have had that happen less than the others.

So what can I say, you made a true NES replica, unfair, buggy, but still kinda fun.

PS: I found out to beat him most effectively, stay in the middle block, as he can't spawn completely on it, making you not take as much unfair teleport on you damage, and you can get to the guy fastest from that position. If he spawns on the edges of the screen you're gonna wanna dash jump and attack towards him, if he spawns rather close you'll want to be about a block away and then jump and hit. Still not a sure fire way of doing it though.

hahahaha,I've beaten this game,isn't so hard,you just need to stay in dracula's last position

*Dracula spawns on top of you x3, you lose 8 hearts per spawn*
You know what? I'm getting real sick of your shit, Dracula.

it has problem

what dracula telmpors on u that redicklus

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2.83 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2001
9:43 AM EDT