Kanye West: Hurricane

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Warning: You made find this to be racist. If you do, I fully understand. You must have never laughed at the Dave Chapelle Show. Short animation. No biggie. EDIT: Pls read: Thanks for the front page! Wow! So many reviews. I just responded to a bunch in the first 10 pages. Thanks for the reviews, positive & negative. Also, to read MY opinion, check out the link on the back end, or go here: http://www.zipperfish.co


funny...but maybe a little too soon

you should have probably waited 40 to 50 years more to make this flash. but i do see the humor in it. who says " president bush hates black people" on nationwide tv? but i also see how people are getting pissed at you.


Anyone defending Kanye West is a douche bag. I could care less if West thinks Bush is racist, but he chose the most inappropriate time to express his opinion.


I've seen the Kanye video, and he was pretty off-base (even though I don't like Bush). Still, I didn't find this interesting... didn't seem to have a point. ---

And yeah... as a white male, I can't make fun of stereotypical blacks, asians, latinos, or natives. I can't stereotype women, either. But everyone knows it's perfectly fine to stereotype and belittle white men.

...and that's why I go around cussing out those f**king crackers.

Right on

Kayne west is a complete idiot and dose not speak for most or actually almost all black people he is the resist here and in this back words politically correct world we live in now that makes me a raciest ! Minorities that think like Kanye west wants to be treated like an equal he should realize that being equal means that you have to deal with the crapy parts of life (like being called an idiot or being stuck in a hurricane ) as well as the enjoyable parts of life! Fewww glad I got that out, my ideas are a little jumbled but I think I got the point across.

The-WalrusZ responds:

Well said. Equality comes with a price. We all play in the same sandbox. We all need to start getting along. What we don't need is a MUSICIAN dividing us.

Not Racist

I admit im white but even in my genetic ignorance of racism i dont think that was racist. it was parodying what that producer was sayin. so its like anit-....THAT guy lol. Anyway it made me smile. I hate it when people take a national tragedy and try and spin is as anything but what it is.... a nationat tragedy. its not an excuse for senators to make a name for them selves on c-span, its not an excuse for celebrities to convince all us normals that they rally do care about us, and it most DEFINATELY isnt an excuse for oil companies to hike the prices of gas. >>steps off soapbox< good flash

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Sep 27, 2005
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