Kanye West: Hurricane

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Warning: You made find this to be racist. If you do, I fully understand. You must have never laughed at the Dave Chapelle Show. Short animation. No biggie. EDIT: Pls read: Thanks for the front page! Wow! So many reviews. I just responded to a bunch in the first 10 pages. Thanks for the reviews, positive & negative. Also, to read MY opinion, check out the link on the back end, or go here: http://www.zipperfish.co


Shit that was funny.

I know you're most likely getting a bunch of shitty reviews from anti-racist racists (?), but you make an excellent point about Chapelle's show. He's black, he flames white people, hell he flames everybody... but this is just funny because it takes the quote to the extreme, even pointing the finger at White Castle and Everybody Loves Raymond. I'm sure there were SOME blacks on the show...

Simple yet effective, and funny enough to watch again and send to others. Lighten up people, Kanye West is a fat mouthed idiot who shouldn't go slandering people because he wants to get richer and stepping on the backs of blacks to do it...

So says Dr. Manhattan...


Just give me money, crackah!

Fucking brilliant.

Everything is racist.

The problem is everyone sits there and complains about racism, but everywhere you look, race is a big issue. Being a high school student and having recently taken the SAT, they have a billion options for African and Hispanic Americans to be noticed by national college achievement societies blah blah. Several places of employment still ask for your ethnic background when you apply for a job. And people constantly go on and on about how it is only Blacks or Hispanics who experience poverty. Of the GDP in America, which happens to be around $60,000 a year, My family only gets $6000. And when you see people in "poverty" walking around with $100 dollar shoes, and all sorts of expensive clothing, you wonder if they really have it as bad as the media and activists say that they do. When you see people in my "social class" who can barely afford to get some cheap label-less clothing out of a second hand store, you remember what poverty is. Everyone want's "equality", but then they remember the benefits and extra perks to being in a certain ethnic group, and its "But what about us! We want to be noticed!"

The world as a whole needs to grow up, and get their collective heads out of their asses.

Pretty funny

Not bad i can't stand Kanye West.His music is horrible and as for everybody else ranting on about oh this is racist and what Kanye said was so true get a sense of humor.


are you trying to suggest president bush DOES care abput black people

Kanye's remarks were random and it was stupid and just came out of nowhere but still lol it is true

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Sep 27, 2005
12:18 AM EDT
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