Kanye West: Hurricane

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Warning: You made find this to be racist. If you do, I fully understand. You must have never laughed at the Dave Chapelle Show. Short animation. No biggie. EDIT: Pls read: Thanks for the front page! Wow! So many reviews. I just responded to a bunch in the first 10 pages. Thanks for the reviews, positive & negative. Also, to read MY opinion, check out the link on the back end, or go here: http://www.zipperfish.co


I wanna shocky monkey too.

=D Who hasn't laughed at the Dave Chappelle show!? Man, anyone who doesn't find humor in this is way too uptight. -_-; Jesus, that was hilarious!


That rawked-out-loud dude!! PWNAGE!!

Nice Job

Lol gimmiemyhandoutnow

so true

Nice Short, I applaud you.

Wow. There are some dumb fuckers talking a lot of shit. First off, Kanye West is a pretty talented entertainer/producer but he made a huge mistake with the whole bush comment. Instead of saying, "Mistakes were made and it's up to you watching to show your support by helping us out" he politicized it. That's devisive behavior in a time of crisis - not what we needed. Those of you saying Kanye was right, Bush does hate black people, do the names Condoleeza Rice or Colin Powell mean ANYTHING to you? I read 15 pages of reviews (albiet out of 52) and NO ONE said those two names.

The reparations bit was a stretch. I think I'd like to see a seperate flash just about that. Its a good thing to address these issues and poke fun at them, I don't think you crossed the line at all.

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Oh, so true

It wasn't Bush's fault. The govorner of Mississippi had to ask for help before the feds could give help, that's just how it works. I have been hearing of a lot of lawsuits about dumb things with the word white in their name or something, too. Politically correctness sucks. This cartoon rocks

p.s. Betcha can't guess what color I am :)

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Sep 27, 2005
12:18 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody