The Arena (Gladiator)

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The instructions are in the Game. IT is a simple game one of my firsts. Pretty easy and only one level kinda fun though.

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needs work done

its a good idea, been implemented pretty well too. its just a bit too short and after a while i realised there was a combination of block + attack + attack and thats all you need to do to win. a bit more gore too may be needed or the screen should flash red when you get hit, because when i saw him thrust at me, at first i didnt realise he had hurt me. so maybe that needs to be made a bit more clear.


Awesome graphics and good idea. But.. it was way too short. Fun games should be made longer then that. Also it was too ez. After about 3 seconds i figured it out here was my timing. I got hit then i slashed twice then blocked and the repeated and i never got hurt and hit him evry time. U shoulda mixed things up and that would have increased the fun and difficulty. But nonetheless i gave it a 4 outta 5


even if it was stolen it sucked.


Ive seen this already if you type in Gladiator.

Erhm... why?

This is not acceptable. The graphics are above sucky, but nothing spectacular. There's no gameplay besides the gladiator you have to defeat wich is done in less than a minute. That ends the game. Big whoop...
"kinda fun", nope wrong...

I don't get it... It's obviously that you can make a game and all. But why on earth did you only create 1 enemy? Why not just take it all the way and make a kick-ass game instead of an half-assed atempt at making a game...?
My advice; I don't know how much you know about gladiators or the games that went on at that time. But read some books about it. Expand the game?! You have got a got fundament to build your game on. All you have to do is implement more...That could be harder enemies, some chariot racing, deathmatches, lion/tigers and such... And also make the environment a bit more authentic and realistic.

blablabla yadayad not good enough blah


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3.42 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2005
5:18 PM EDT
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