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On The Moon (episode 1)

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Anything can happen on the moon

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How are they able to breath

This short animation presents an interesting duo character dynamic very nicely.
One character is highly elegant and well mannered without being a pompous jerk.
The other character is Mentally out there and is silly without being LOL XD RANDOM!!
This is good.

It's great to see where this series started. Okay, not one of my favorites, but very nice. I especially appreciate the animation. It's very Spumco like. That's the company made by John K., BTW. Nazis make everything better!

Prawn looks like he's made in a different kind of animation. I guess Weebl animated him. It's easy to recognize your stuff, PEAB0. Wait, who am I even talking to in this review? It gets better later.

Made me laugh so hard ! :D

This just made my day