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Well I wouldn't call this another collab unnecessarily because its really just about 3 movies in one. It didn't turn out as violent as we wished, but we hope you like it anyway!

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been a wile since the last review

and this is seriously messed up

Wow, I'm the first to review this in about a year

That's suprising.

Anyways, I think it needs work. It wasn't bad, but what was the story, plot? You don't call it a collab..so....

reminds me when i used to be a ninja

well i liked it but im kinda into the gory head choppin off stuff


YAWN...could use some work.

For want of a better word... "M'eh"

The animation was good. But the rest of it had me thinking "What exactly was the point of this?"
I realize this was submitted long ago but you know, there isn't much to this flash.
Yeah it contains violence but so does pretty much every other thing.
The violence isn't even that impacting. Ok, so you have someone go into a nameless building, maim a couple of faceless people who all look the same and eat their flesh. It's been done over and over. The cannibal/zombie warrior gimmick is a little tired, but I don't have a problem with it. The problem is there wasn't any depth, so the violence was meaningless and thus bleak and uninteresting. There was no suspense and it didn't seem emotional or pissed off, something you expect from violence. Reviewer below the other reviewer said they liked the battles. There wasn't any battle.
The second flash didn't redeem the other one as I'd hoped. It was like a video game, only without being able to control anything.
I don't criticize your flash skills as they are clearly more than able. But this flash is nothing special. It wasn't the good kind of mindless it was the waste of energy kind of mindless.

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4.02 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2005
12:07 AM EDT