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Kingdumb hearts COM part2

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Okay, and here's the final scene plus random dancescene.. hooray

For some reason, the movie freezes on teh main menu while that glitch should have been fixed already.. i don't understand O_o;
Anyway, right mouse button and click on "play"to start the movie if you're stuck

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What the hell is with donald?

I can't understand him. But good vid, anyway :3


sephy failed at the end XD kepp the good work up


This video was awesome. I honestly like your videos. Do not listen to DragonNerfMen on how to make a video. The dude obviously does not understand the term PARODY. I give this video a 10/10. This was funny. Even for a KH fan like me.
Good job man.

And to DragonNerfMen, If you want the true story of something, then go someplace else cause you more than likely are not going to find it on NewGrounds. And I have played all the kingdom hearts games, everyone knows what happens in them. You have no right anywhere to say that fans of the game should hate this. If you don't like the videos, then DON'T WATCH.


That was worst than part one first of all riku does not leave because he wants to prove to ansem and himself that he no longer resides to darkness he goes to all the worlds defeating the dark creatures that reside in each world he entered the castle because he was in endless sleep and got bored he took the card and was automaticly in the castle and do i really have to tell you again GET A FREAKING BETTER ARTIST! the graphics suck and axel is not that crazy in the head hes actually more of a brought together character and the clone of Riku sucks at danceing if that was the joke it wasnt funny Riku wouldnt have befriended his counterpart because that is a more dark version of himself he stands up for himself and slays his counterpart which was supposbly "supperior" which of course he wasnt and yeah you were way off once again please just stop if your not gonna get at least close to the story do better in Birth by sleep and 358/2 going to those videos next PEACE!

I guess

You get a one star Higer for this one, As it was more funny then the last one and It did Show how the COM Storyline showed it.