MGS: Happy Fathers Day

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Hey everyone, just want you to know that this was my 2nd movie, made it when i was 14 and did not have a clue what i was doing yet, just a heads up ;) don't be TOO critical here lol.

First of all i Realize that were a bit late with the "fathers day" idea.
Crackattack wrote the script and i animated it, it took about a month and a half to make. This will be my 2nd cartoon. So please enjoy!

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I admit that it was nice to see something related to Father's Day. Why don't we have a collection for that? That actually produces more revenue than Halloween! It's because we're more likely to give someone a gift. Anyway, it was mostly funny, but there was a big problem. The animation was so bad!

It's nice to learn more about "Metal Gear". I like understanding the characters' relationships. I've never played the games, okay? It could have been a bit shorter too. There should have been more action.

I loled

The reason I'm rating this as high as I am is because I just loved the part in MGS3 when Zero and Para-Medic talk with Snake about James Bond. I cracked up when you referenced that.

Good and simple

It didn't have the greatest graphics but it was sweet and simple,the dialogue and plot was really funny considering that both Liquid and Solid was celebrating father's day with Big Boss,i enjoyed it and thought you did a swell job on this.

mmm anaconda!

I thought a patriot gun looked more like a machine gun (but hey it hit liquid in the eye with a lazer hehe). That was good and you used facts from the game effectively. Music was interesting and the end man I would love to take a ray for a joy ride.


i liked the part when they say that they want cause some trouble with metal gear ray

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3.89 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2005
1:32 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody