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The Bomb Factory

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Happy Inglor Day!!

**UPDATE** - I fixed all known bugs, please tell me if you find any more.

Hope you enjoy this mildly amusing game as much as I did making it. Thanks to bigexplosions for the character art and animation and Glaiel_Gamer for the music.

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE MAIN PAGE, no preloader because it is a small file.


fixed all bugs?

not quite.. first time I played it, the little man fell through the floor.. and wouldn't come up again. basicaaly I just sat there listening to annoying music and watching biombs until I got bored, which was withen 10 seconds. you could maybe make a few more levels, or possibly a little more then jumping tnt.

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Still that damnmn bug

Seirously , thats weird, i jhave like 30k bombs avoided , and i cANT DIE!!!!!!
its so Anoyingg! The music ends after a while , which is good


Controls are hard to handle
If you die. when th game restarts you fall out of the bottom of the screen and the game continues without you! There's no way to restart the game! :(


as soon as the game started the gu fell under the screan but the game went on AND I COULD NOT GET UP on to the screan

good game, but still a bug...

well its a good game, dodging bombs of TNT wnile you casually walk around :P

well atleast untill the bug comes along.

its when you lose, and restart, when you jump you go through the floor, when you try and jump to get out, you jump off the screen.

and hopefully there isnt a high scores o.O because im up to like 300 by now...

and yes that song is AnNoYiNg!

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2.99 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2005
7:32 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid