The Bomb Factory

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Happy Inglor Day!!

**UPDATE** - I fixed all known bugs, please tell me if you find any more.

Hope you enjoy this mildly amusing game as much as I did making it. Thanks to bigexplosions for the character art and animation and Glaiel_Gamer for the music.

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE MAIN PAGE, no preloader because it is a small file.


'Nuther bug

there's a bug where you fall straight throught the floor. and avoid all the bombs. But i appreciate the time and effort put into making this game. i suggest fixing the bugs, adding in a hiscore thing, and different levels and things other than TNT.

liam0 responds:

Well, this version has been fixed.. check it (dood).

1 bug?

u told one winged thats one bug? about 4 things happened to me i floated up out of the screen, i fell through the floor, the bombs started to jump with me and then the bombs covered the whole screen i think u seriously need to sort that game out

liam0 responds:

Ok, I've fixed the bugs..

buggy as all hell

i press jump and i get shot out of the screen and i never come down and i just keep avoiding the bombs, whats up with that

liam0 responds:

Thats one bug (count it yourself), so it has one bug.. that can be avoided by not holding SPACE.

Lots and lots of bugs.

It is a pretty nice game, but it has a lot of bugs. I always start when Inglor is under the ground, I can't see it... Even if it wasn't like this, I can't see any way I can jump over a dynamite...

liam0 responds:

With space?


You actually submitted it! I give it a 5.

p.s. Why didn't you put my name on the author list?

liam0 responds:

You didn't add me as co-author, (or I may need to accept you), so I'll do it as soon as that is sorted out :)

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2.99 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2005
7:32 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid