Mario the lost star P1

September 24, 2005 –
October 3, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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This is only part one.


the screen was so small i had to scooch up to my comp screen to watch it.and all you did was minimize and maximize the characters.oh,and bowser isnt good at math becuz he said mario = die......that doesnt add up right.

This was funny, gave me a few laughs, and was very interesting kept me wanting more and it was just a good overall flash, and well put together, could use some better quality in sounds but it was a neat flash, i enjoyed it...

Better sounds and or music, and make more of these, they are good stuff...

A neat flash funny and entertaining...


that was a pretty interesting and original Mario animation. i like the idea behind this one with the lost star and all. the only thing i didn't care too much for in this one was the audio..... particularly all the 'yippe'... almost seemed like he was too hyper.

I like it, but the screen is so small, and the sprites are about the same. Anyway, if you make a bigger screen, bigger sprites, and less ''YIPEE'' it couĀ“ld be much better

Get some more voice samples will ya! also make it bigger don't make sprites smaller than what they are already.

And magnify the sprites...everything was too small...


This was mediocre at best. Sorry i just wasnt very impressed

There was a big problem: THE... SCREEN... WAS... TOO... SMALL!!! Make it bigger next time, and I'll give it a much better score, it was way to hard for me to watch it.

The only good thing about this movie is all the sounds came from different mario games. otherwise everything else sucked the only people saying it is good is the people who haven't seen any other mario flash

Not only was it boring and this type of movie HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE A THOUSAND TIMES, but it was so tiny and hard to see. It was almost unbearable to watch but I did anyway so I could tell you how much it was such a task to watch. If absolutely have to make another one, at least make the damn thing bigger.

The sprites were to small and the music was getting anoying but the rest was ok. For next part I sugggest make it bigger.

Next time
make the sprite bigger

The size of the sprites were a real problem, better enlarge them for part 2.
The story wasn't well presented, and it doesn't seem original either, hopefully part 2 will bring a major twist.

Your work can only improve.


try next time: try to make the window bigger
and the castle of bowser are quite cool

anway good job

i loved this sprite flash. the creativity was awsome and the mario sfx are kool. awsome work!

your sprites where too small!

A lot better than I expected based on what the preloader looked like. This surprised me. I like how, unlike many starting out animators, made button buttons instead of text buttons, ones that you would have to click on the part of the letter... Those are annoying. But your buttons were good. Mario did talk a bit too much, such as when he was flying. But don't take them out completely. Maybe add a bit of Bowser's roaring for when he says that Mario must die. And add some background music to the end when Mario flies to the castle. Other than that, good plot for a Mario sprite movie.

this is good. the only problem is mario wont shut up. hes always goin"MAMA MEIA" or "OKEDOKIE" or"YIPPIEE!!!"

yeah it was quite a good flash ,i like sprites alot keep it up

This is quite good. I cant wait to see part 2. I especally liked the idea that the star saves Mario from the giant Snifit when it got a big super mushroom. That was quite impresive. Keep up the good work!

That was ur 1st flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was amazing! I CANT WAIT UNTIL PART 2! EXELLENT JOB! THIS IS DEFENITLY GOING ONTO MY FAVORITES

+ the sound effects were very clear and the story line was decent
- you should of explained more about the story line. Why does this star have powers and where exactly does it come from?

i hope to watch the sequel

Cool, I like MArio. :}

-rat4000 of Whyville.


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3.13 / 5.00