MMZ- The Last Cataclysm 2

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*Edit : Im so sorry to make you guys wait for so long.The next movie will be out in a month or two ;)*
Sorry 'bout the big filesize. But it's around 10 minutes so it's worth it. ^^
(Zero's and Weil's voice actors have been changed ^^)
Things you need to know:
1-Omega is the real Zero. He has the real body of Zero but not the real heart/soul.
2-The evil doctor's name is Weil not Dr. Wily in the Zero series.
3-Yes. "He" actually stutters like that in MMZ3, ever since he was revived by Weil.

Hey there, everyone. The long awaited MMZTLC 2 is here on NG at last. Ah making this one was damn hard, but I'm glad it's finished now. The filesize is big but the movie is long as well. It's around 10 minutes, by far the longest movie of mine and I'm proud of it.

Again, I'd like to thank all of my voice actors for their awesome talent - I really think that this time they were even better than before. They are the ones who made this movie possible. I couldn't have done it without them. Thank you, everyone! I really love my voice acting team.

This movie is a litle bit more story based, but there are action-packed fights like in the last one too, of course. And personally, I really think that the story is getting better.

-To get the password for the scene selection and extras, you just need to watch the movie till the very end. And the credits are a part of the movie. Scene selection is protected 'cause I don't want anybody to jump to credits and get the extras without even watching the actual movie.
-You can return to the menu at any time by pressing the spacebar. Keep that in mind so you can watch your favorite scenes as many times as you want and easily!

And about the extras: This time we only have one extra. Pretty reasonable though, the filesize got out of control! Anyway, if you like Naruto - you'll love that extra. ^^ Also, I added more Naruto moves this time so those who REALLY love Naruto can enjoy it that much more! (Like me, YAY!)

I don't know what else to say right now. I'm so glad that it is finished.

I want to thank everyone for their support. My fans.... My voice actors.... And all the boys in my forum ^^

Talking about forums, you should all go and check mine out! It's full of cool people. Including meh XD J/K lol


See you all in my next movie! ^^ Enjoy !


Brilliant years later.

I've watched this flash multiple times and it still holds up despite its age here on Newgrounds. The one thing that annoys me and everyone else is that it ended on a cliffhanger. I am not going to force you into making another one like many reviewers here but if its possible could you give this series some form of closure.


I was really into this shit as a kid and I would love to see this completed. The voice acting and sound effects truly brings this all together into an 8bit masterpiece.


Perfect, Now Continue

I said it was perfect because, unlike most sprite animation, you remained true to the actual story of the characters in the movie, whilst adding your own words, personalities, and voices that would seem to be how these characters would actually react. The battles were also perfect, not too fast and not too slow whilst keeping their abilities completely accurate by not adding extra skills that they don't actually have. You simply MUST make the next part of this series, don't leave us hanging like so many others do with their series.

PS. Do you think they'll ever make an actually Anime out of the Megaman X and Megaman Zero series? I've seen one episode of the Megaman X Anime, but I don't think they made any more of them. Sad, because it would be so great.


i bought the mmz collection and i had to see this vid again. i like how u incorporated copy x's stuttering GOOD JOB

Cool take on MMZ

I have to say though, I wish Omega was silent. Just cause, speaking doesn't seem to fit him too much. Also, same VAs as Xin? I just watched that and I can't help but wonder...Harpia, Zero, and Leviathan in particular >.>

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