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Click everything, observe what happens, make mistakes, learn from them, then try again. If you can't see the sun and 6 more planets, then you're screen might not be wide enough to veiw it.

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Are you positively sure you made this? Because Gamershood has this and i don't recall much on names, so please correct me.
o, btw: if you click the star farthest below the purple planet (near the edge of the screen), it automatically warps you to the end prologue. Sorry for spilling the Cheat!

Cool, but the spoiler doesn't seem to work..

Awesome game, but I couldn't beat it really easily because it seems like the game changes around or has changed from when the spoiler was written.

Warning! Semi-spoiler below

I couldn't get the sun to turn green without the colored UFO being blown up by the first planet. Help anyone?


I can't get anyfuther than building a new rocket, and everytime it is being sucked by blue whirlpool!
Does that happen to someone else?
I did everything according to walkthrough but this was not in there.
Please give some advise.

Nice, but

Sorry, just made a review to keep people from reading your spoiler by accident (flabber dus ;-))
Good game!

Walkthrough for the game

Here is the complete walkthrough...every step you will need.


1. Reveal the cloaked UFO just above the second planet
2. Click on one of the purple dots on the UFO to prime it's laser
3. Click on the orange dot above the sun to make the sun fiery
4 a) Click on the green planet to fire a blob that lands on the icy planet
4 b) Click on the icy planets radar to summon a small fleet of UFOs
5. Whilst the red planet's laser is distracted, click on the Big UFO's laser to turn the sun purple. This makes the purple planet disappear.
6. Click on both the north and south continents on the second planet to prime the first shuttle
7. Bring the purple planet back by following the steps above that you used to make it disappear.
8. Click the first crater to the left from the bottom crater on the purple planet a few times to make a fuse appear
9. Fire the shuttle from the second planet to make the shuttle fly to the ringed planet
10. Just before it passes the fuse, click on the shuttle to make the fuse burn right down.
11. The shuttle will land on the ringed planet and make it spin.
12. Click on the top left star around the red planet. It will turn red.
13. Now click on the ringed planet so that the rings face the sun and click on the red ring twice
14. Click on the bottom right star around the red planet to turnn it orange. Click the ringed planet so that the rings face the red planet. Then click on the orange ring once.
15. Click on the top right star and click the yellow ring 3 times
16. Click on the flames around the sun to fry the green goo on the first planet
17. Click on the bottom left star and click on the green ring twice. This will send the laser to the first planet
18. Turn the sun dark green to make the first planet disappear and reveal a new source of UFOs
19. Click the north continent on the second planet and quickly bring the first planet back. The first planet will be destroyed.
20. Click on the eastern continent on the second planet to reveal a silo andf get it destroyed
21. Click on the following centre continents on the second planet to build a new rocket : Big Middle, Bottom Right, Top Right, Bottom Left, Top Left, Little Middle
22. Click on one of the north eastern craters on the purple planet to reveal a new fuse
23. As before, click on the new shuttle just before it passes the fuse to light it....
24. Then light the central fuse on the purple planet.
25. Click on the northern most crater on the purple planet just before the moon passes to align the moon
26. Click on the ringed planet to align the rings.

AND THAT'S IT! You have just completed the most frustrating game in years!

Or click on the bottom star under the purple planet at any time to reveal the ending.


Best of luck!

Credits & Info

3.68 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2005
4:33 PM EDT