Quiz Time with Crono 8

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Hello again, Zyzic here with the 8th installment of my Quiz Time with Crono series. I haven't made one of these in over a year, so I thought i'd make another one, just for fun. Any and all feedback is welcome. Hope you enjoy!



i only got half of them right!! So am i half good or half bad? half empty or half full...? right, well, these are really awesome quizes you have been making. since a lot of people like these, i'm guessing you are going to make another one, so include some questions from Tales of Phyantasia(i hope i spelled that right) But if you don't know anything about this one game yet you can remember all of these other intricet little bits of information from games you selected in your past quizes, fine by me :)

oh, i was being sarcastic if didn't notice.

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30/30. pwn3d.

Nice quiz. I liked Chrono's narration. Even if I didn't know my SNES bosses it would probably be easy to solve this quiz via common sense ... you should offer some choices on your menus which are not the answer to anything. I think I'll check out some of your others now.


Good game to play. One of the better game quiz i have seen.

The quiz parts keeps getting better and better :)

I managed to make 27 points,i would probaly goten 28 if i didn´t succumb to the most obvious question of all...you know which one.Anyway,make more crono quizes but please don´t make more of the one quiz that you have to write it exactly right to score.

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I've always liked this series.

Yay. I love this series.. But they've gotten very hard since the first one. I got 21 out of 30. And mostly by guessing. And the super mario rpg ones are easy because of the unique graphics in the game.. Good job.

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Sep 23, 2005
11:37 AM EDT
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