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Oh shit, fourstar's brother ruined the mod control pannel and now were all stuck in the 80's.

Not just the star syndicate fourms but everything is stuck in the 80's.

The year is 1989 and star syndicate histroy is being made. This is the year Sevenstar tears down the berlin wall.

ThreeStar and her class blow up in a rocket being lanched into space.

Will we be albe to go back to 2005?

Todays retro rockets are: F00D , ZeckeySpaceLizard , Rexco , Starberry , MannyFlash , Rantish and Guardain.

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<3 to the 80's

Wow, you know I don't think I ever watched this one. And I followed the Season pretty good. Wow, what a classic. Now that I'm older I understand all of the references and humor. My favorite being the Axel Foley Killing Pluto Nash. Hahahahaha.Good times.

Keep up the good work SS!

sorry not my cup of tea.

Well after reading some other peoples reviews and stuff and seeing how u commented i realized u actualy put effort into this. So i won't bash u like i do to the people who aim to get turd of the week. It wasn't the type of flash i like and the graphics were poor which are the main reasons for such a low score. But hey, you DID capture some essence of the 80's.


that was just weird; probs not my sense of humor but wat the hell?
Got sum gud gags, but plz try to make the music quieter or add subtitles.

i love the muthafukin 80s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was awesome i danced until i fell out of the chair roflmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh man, that was just great! I want more of that corny eighty shit! Gimme Mannequin, gimme Queen, gimme Ghostbusters, gimme A Chorus Line! Now!