Salad Fingers Gangsta Rap

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Hello! Here's a little thing I put together one day about Salad Fingers when I was really bored. Just a little spoof/parody on it. Enjoy! =D


hm wanna do the same

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Watch out for this kid, everyone! Rhyming "there" and "pear"? uh-oh, he's the next Eminem. props to this guy, real street cred.


It kinda sucked. Voices didnt work for a rap. You could have animated it.

Not good in any way...

Just because it's meant to be a joke doesn't mean that it can be a piece of crap. Look at these other parodies - they're actually *funny*. You can't just say "Oh, it's rap," or "It's a parody, dumbass" to fix the fact that it sucks.
I wouldn't be quite so harsh if you didn't act like a five-year old with an attitude problem. Those responses to your reviews were not only overly defensive and unnecessary, they were also pathetic. Some of these people are just saying you suck, which isn't very constructive. But the ones who were just telling you like it is... well, calling them names won't fix anything, and it's just plain rude. Someone was complimenting you, for God's sake, and you call him a dipshit.
Now talking about the submission itself... The graphics were pretty much a slideshow of someone else's work, so there's little talent there. The music was alright for rapping to, but that voice was very irritating - like a whiney old woman who happens to be high. Maybe that was meant to add to the humor, but annoying does not equal funny. Violence, well, there really was none, but that's not a bad thing or a good thing. The buttons to play and replay didn't work all that well, so interaction, even at that level, was poor. And humor... none. But 2 for trying, I guess.
I appreciate you going out there and trying to make something, especially if you're a fan of Salad Fingers and you're trying to make a tribute for it. But if you're going to be a bitch when people point out that it sucks, you probably shouldn't be posting anything.


Very poor! Nothing else to say apart from don't ruin anything else with a parody.

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Sep 22, 2005
4:19 PM EDT
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