End of Realms

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This is my first movie. I wanted a good story and this is what im going for. The animation is decent, and the graphics are too. but i think its still enjoyable. I know it isnt the prettiest thing to look at but hey, i can only get better from here on out. Imma try to be a good artist for you guys to enjoy. I'll be happy in working with a few of you two..

And hey, at least it isnt a stick figure fight :)

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this is thew worst shit ive ever seen...extrremely bad sound. i may hav not sentany flashes onto hear yet and peeple can be hash but i do seriously think this is crap...and u make mario and link luk crap

Reddz responds:

I sense a hater. You know, for someone who thinks clocks are funny, i don't think you have a say in whats shit, or whats good. You, my sir, Have just been mega pwned!

not bad...but

scorpion could never be defeated by little link

Reddz responds:

Sure he could. He has the triforce on his side! :)

Can't wait for part 2!

Good work on your first movie! Graphics could be better, and add more violence! Everyone loves violence, except for whiny people.
Maybe a little funnier, but thats not a big thing. Still a very good show!

Reddz responds:

Thanks a lot for your review. this is the first one i saw and i was really excited someone actually liked this movie. Im glad it didnt get blamed :-P

In part two you can expect a bigger fight scene between the two so Violence should be top notch in the second one :)

Click the arrows, funfunfun!!!

Great movie... you just need to make it so the characters don't have stubby 'lil nubs as fingers.

Reddz responds:

Yeah, im a little rough around the edges :-p. Thanks for your review


ok, but i say either re-make or edit and make it smoother :|

Reddz responds:

Thanks for your advice dude, but.. I will not remake this or edit this. Part two should be a lot better so keep your eyes out for that one

Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2005
9:09 AM EDT
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