Nephew - Blaa & Black

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Fellow newgrounds users!
In the past you have been introduced to several danish band, such as: Mew, Kashmir and Carpark North, well I am here to lead you into a new generation: Nephew!!
This (my first flash) is a music video for their song "Blaa & Black", eventhough the band is singing danish/english, I'm not sure where they are trying to go, so I made my own translation.
So enjoy!!

P.S. Sorry about the lame flame effects... And animation in general :\


Nice rendition

Morbid, but very well done. The flash went well with the music (good band by the way), and your style looks great.

first try?

most people's first flash consists of a floating head that talks. this was excellent and i look forward to seeing more work from you as you improve. keep up the good work.

Good for your first but...

Its kinda lacking abit. Maybe try improving the way the characters limbs and stuff are put together. Also, some parts looked too sloppy, I know you were kinda going for a sketchy style but, if you would have tooken a little bit more time on this, it would have been amazing.

This is good

this is very good i like it i ike how dark it is and how the music and flash go well together good job and keep it up

Excellent job with it

This was a well made music video. It's abstract, to a degree, as 99.9...% of vids like this are. Anyone who votes this low and is just like "omg this suxor!!1! blam it" (caps removed there) should just go fucking die; it isn't helpful. Fine if you don't like the movie, but give good, constructive criticism--and this goes for everything. The animation style was incredibly unique, which I enjoyed about it. And yeah the flame effects were slightly "lame," but for me it didn't really detract from the theme.

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4.04 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2005
10:43 PM EDT
Music Video