Operation: Viper Strike

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Remember to watch for green arrows!
I updated my upcoming movie
Operation: Viper Strike, so you can get past the pin enter screen. (thank god)
The two pictures are from Hopkins FBI,
Just wanted to give them credit. =)


What ???? Demo???

You could have saved me the time of playing that if you would have mentioned it was a demo in the first place like perhaps in the title, it looks like a nice intro, but I really cant comment on gameplay since this so called "demo" was more of just a preview, and didn't even get to the gameplay or past the intro.


OK OK OK OK, first off, this should be mature 17+ "raped and murdered"?
... yeah. And it REEEALY sucks.


is this even a GAME?

(title in work)

Well that was a hundred percent disappointing. You had me wanting to play this game with the nice graphics and cool briefing introduction part of this, but then you really disappointed with the whole "thanks for playing my demo" thing. At the very least you should have submitted this as a movie, so that people who were expecting to play a game, like I wouldn't be so disappointed.

this is a demo for a game?

it is complete bullshit.ignore the other guy before me! demo's and trailer's are as good as any other flash.but if you make a demo you need to give the ppl a preview of what you are gonna make.
what do we know now?we know some1 got raped and murdered
in a "secret" base,that everyone knows the location of and they have pictures of it happening.next time you make a demo,insert some gameplay.oh and i give it a zero cuz i'm lazy.

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1.91 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2000
5:15 AM EDT
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