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Madness 1.6 IS out and has been for a while. Sorry I didn't announce it until now. I didn't realize it didn't have many reviews.

BEST PLAYED ON MEDIUM DETAIL. Mind you, I don't have a loading screen (lazy), but you can still click 'play' when it's done loading from the bottom of the window.

Lots of people have their own movies based on Krinkles' work, and who wouldn't want it? Check out his work!

Anyways, this is a movie I took a few days to make of why Tricky just doesn't like Hank while also introducing my own madness-style character in black named Knifeslasher. Mind you, it's not what really happens in the madness series, but you get the general idea. The main plot, however, is that our hero does all in his power to find a way to get his hands on a quarter. If similar to any of Krinkles' movies, it would be MarshMellow Madness. Fast, crazy, and silent (besides music).



hank really is very selfish isnt he lol
fav part was with the banks
but the whole thing was hilariuos
good job

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so thats why the clown was tryin to kill him

this is a madness tribute without violence that is funny, lol i found it pretty funny he wanted a quarter only to get a soda and took it from a clown. It all makes sense now

Great flash submission

I just watched the entire thing and it was great.

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yeah crazy dude


I don't know how you got the idea to use this old non speaking movie style for a Madness tribute but it is suits it perfectly with as few colours and such a simple design as Madness has. The music was great for that reason too. The animation was also correct as well as the graphics.

Excellent and sophisticated humor. The moment when all those policemen come out of the car, when Hank empties the wallet withou paying attention to all the money and the clown, tricky who keeps on juggling until the very end.

Really, that was a fantastic tribute to Madness and early movies. Clearly one of the very best Madness tribute and a wonderful flash anyway.

This is a work of art. Good work.

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Sep 21, 2005
9:23 PM EDT