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Window Licker 05

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No story line here, just creamy home grown randomness.
This was a collaberation bewteen Carrot and I, we hope you enjoy it.

Sorry for the file size, there are alot of music files and image files in there, not to mention this is the longest running Window Licker yet.

Dilmah Tea. Please, do try it.

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Truely swell!


it had some really good moments, but mostly it was kind of crap, didn't like it much.. you used nicely the musics and the events, like that scene from A Clockworkorange was nice and the classical tune in that Kindergarten scene.. i waited for some Aphex Twin from the name, but there was only that one scene that was kind of from the Windowlicker musicvideo and that Rubber Johnny was funny.. well the Hitler and Nazi things with Rammstein weren't so funny, they were boring 'cos they didn't really have any point.. well what did have point in that.. i don't know.. and don't know do i want to know..

That sure is weird

But I love it... great job dudes, and keep this way.


Don't quite get the point of it. Are we looking inside your mind? What's that tell us? Slow to develop at the beginning and went no place. Got impatient.

Zig hiel eine Fuere

That was definatly a 4, no doubt about it, I liked your submission alot, some of it was overkill but if you can mix invader zim, hitler, and Christopher Judge AKA Teal'c from Stargate SG-1, then it takes a diffrent look at things and some originality. Keep up the good work, nice hitler penitration at the end, LOL.