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Who Goes There? Part 2

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--UPDATE 060220--
I have updated the original with the amazing voice talents of Forbin and ShockDingo in this version, and included a new scene. Hope you like this one better than the original.
Special thanks to the Newgrounds Voice Acting Club for helping me with this! Enjoy!

--UPDATE 050922--
DAILY 4th PLACE Iam honored, Thank you all, NG users!

Part 2 in my "Who Goes There?" series, after I posted the last one many people thougt that It look like Doom 3, so I bought a copy of the game and played through it (pretty spooky game by the way), and I realized that I had to change my story, and so I did allthoug I diden't have hell or that thing but the suprise from the beginning was that it would be on Mars, but as I said I changed a lot in the story so I can call it my own, I would like to thank everyone who reviwed the first part, it really helped Thank you.
And now I hope on even moore reviws.


Pretty cool!

But Area51 is in New Mexico!
(i think)

GrimEntertainment responds:

But who said this is Area 51? :)
In upcomming parts there be moore answers, thank you and I am really glad you liked it!


Would be great if it were longer.

GrimEntertainment responds:

Thank you! Part 3 will probely be longer though there will be moore story elements in it. Thanks again and really glad you liked it!

cant wait for part 3

just make it a bit longer

GrimEntertainment responds:

Part 3 is comming and I try make it longer, thanks and really glad you liked it!

Good Job

Make more make more!

GrimEntertainment responds:

There is more comming I am now working hard on part 3. Thank you and Iam really glad you liked it!

Very Good

Very good game with mint action, but very much like the Area-51 Ps2 game......

GrimEntertainment responds:

yes I know there seem to be some simularity to that game (: , but I hope as the story get started It will stand on its on two feet, but I will check that game out just to be sure! Really glad you liked it though and thank you!

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4.05 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2005
7:48 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place September 22, 2005