Who Goes There? Part 2

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--UPDATE 060220--
I have updated the original with the amazing voice talents of Forbin and ShockDingo in this version, and included a new scene. Hope you like this one better than the original.
Special thanks to the Newgrounds Voice Acting Club for helping me with this! Enjoy!

--UPDATE 050922--
DAILY 4th PLACE Iam honored, Thank you all, NG users!

Part 2 in my "Who Goes There?" series, after I posted the last one many people thougt that It look like Doom 3, so I bought a copy of the game and played through it (pretty spooky game by the way), and I realized that I had to change my story, and so I did allthoug I diden't have hell or that thing but the suprise from the beginning was that it would be on Mars, but as I said I changed a lot in the story so I can call it my own, I would like to thank everyone who reviwed the first part, it really helped Thank you.
And now I hope on even moore reviws.


Hey, I like this

This is pretty neat. I like short stories with cliff hangers. the action you had was good and was even well-done. The effects were good and there seems to be a developing story.

Keep up the good work.

GrimEntertainment responds:

well its a developing story, and the story will get going in later parts! Thanks and really glad you liked it!

and now...

Now it seems reminiscent of "Area 51." Heh. Good stuff all around. I chuckled at the CS reference. Keep it up!

GrimEntertainment responds:

Well I will check out that game at least the story for it hoppfully they are diffrent! Thanks anyway and Iam really glad you liked it!

Great work Christoffer......

....and thank's for all the fish................

GrimEntertainment responds:

we tried to warn you all but, oh dear!
so long...
Tackar och det betyder mycket att du gillade den!

Damn you Lab 11!

Great job. Frontpage material. For...two days, let's say. Best I've seen this morning.

GrimEntertainment responds:

Thank you and Iam really glad you liked it!

good job u kno were area51 is its in nevada i kno

i kno your right cuz i've seen it i've been there

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GrimEntertainment responds:

well this might not be area 51, in the sequal there will be moore answer... or is it area 51? :)
Thank you and Iam really, really glad you liked it!

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Sep 21, 2005
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