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Flight of Colour 2

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!NOTICE! Please do not blam because you do not understand

Finally, I have finished Flight of Colour 2. This has very little relation to my first Flight of Colour movie, except it is yet another emotional flash. If you're not a fan of deep thinking, please do not vote low because you don't understand.

This has taken me a couple of months to do, on and off. I hope you all enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it.



Wow Bradley, your incredibly stupid. Did you read the author's comment? Just because your too dense to understand it doesn't make it a bad flash. I thought it was really well made. Easily one of the best flashes on Newgrounds for its genre. Keep up the good work man!

RoobyKillAll responds:

Thanks a lot LP_rox! I appreciate the kind review.

Great stuff man.

Kudos. Amazing flash, gotta love that meaningful stuff.

RoobyKillAll responds:

Thanks a bunch, Jamith.


that was so awesome.. it made me cry. u should make a prequil cuz the first was weird but amazing. DO MORE STUFF IT WAS AWESOME!


Wow, I mean wow. This flash can relate to life alot. Most flash aren't this... I mean wow. This can relate to my life a bit even though I'm just a kid and this doesn't nessesarily need to be about dying. This is a comment that I hope reaches other people who enjoy flash. I think for those of you who lost your girlfriend/wife because you did something or didnt do something, think of it this way. If you really loved them you should allow them to live happily, so if they are happier when your not with them, so be it. Thanks alot for this flash, even though I knew this already, thank you for reminding me. This comment goes to Jackie (The girl I was my gf , I think). Well, I skipped 5 mins of time that I'm supposed to do homework, but it was worth it. This belongs a 5 and Im' gonna give it too you.^.^ wow this is the longest comment I typed. lol alright well c,ya.

I only hope..

That there will be something LIKE this (not 3rd chapter)

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3.75 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2005
6:57 PM EDT