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Orange 3: Trailer

rated 2.57 / 5 stars
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Sep 19, 2005 | 7:58 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Lol, i was bored so i made this i think i should hold the fans till im done with orange 3. Make sure you watch O R A N G E 1 AND 2! I like reviews! :D

-N Z X E R



Rated 5 / 5 stars

hilarious i love this movie

but why make us fans give you awsum scores and then we still gotta wait for the third one oh well i've senn this movie at least 50 times the gun sound is funny and besides who would want evil killer bees that crap out acid on peeps heds


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Whats the point of making a trailer?

Good idea i guess but what's the point of making a trailer especially as short as this one? I mean it doesn't really do anything to help you boost your ratings if people like what you do they will like it no matter what

Nzxer responds:

One word. Boredness.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Fear not, for I have a plan!

Ok so hears my idea. We take the money that we get from playing scratch offs at the local Hob-beebs. AKA the Arabian quicky-mart and invest it into stocks.. "EVIL!" stocks.. Then we take the "EVIL!" stock money and use it to build a lab.. an "EVIL!" lab. Pay a bunch of smart looking mokeys wearing diapers and lab glasses PLUS ROBES! "evil robes". Power it by hamsters.. "EVIL!" hamsters cost too much. Then manufactor "EVIL!" Clone Bees that crap out acidic honey on people's heads. Using a REALLY big spork we scoop out their brains out of their melted heads. Taking the REALLY big spork we shovel the brains into zip lock baggies and put them in an "EVIL" freezing. ((P.S.) They dont make evil sporks.. I know its just wrong. I wrote to my congressmen about it don't worry.) Then I go and take a BIG CRAP because thats a lot of work. After I wash my hands with an "EVIL" bar of Dove soap. It feels soft on my hands.. We thaw out the brains using a very ingenative invention.. an "EVIL" magifining glass. MU-HAHAHAHA! EVIL I KNOW! We sprinkle Tinker Bell dust on the "EVIL-LY!" thawed out brains. Feed it to the rocks and watch them do the mackaraina!

Or we could just hit the big shiney red button and launch the hydrogen bomb. (Way bigger than a nuke.. trust me. By like 100 time bigger.) Then we could have Afternoon tea and crumbits and watch Dr. Phill and OPRA! And by we I mean you, myself, and the REALLY BIG "EVIL!" Spork, SPORKIE! Who comes in 3 different colors and does your taxes!

Nzxer responds:

Umm...thanks? : /


Rated 4 / 5 stars

this SH** = AWSOME

pls tell me that this was a real trailer and that orange 3 and that your not just F***ing with us because then you would really suck

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Nzxer responds:

Yes it was.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's times like these you know creativity has hit

Congrats - you came up with the dumbest idea ever to hit NG - and I love it... whoever could think of "Revenge of the Rocks" is a pure genius... wow... lol - the animations were also crisp as can be =) Nice! Can't Wait!

Nzxer responds:

Lol, it was meant to be dumb! :D