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YI3 Contest VGDC (LM)

September 19, 2005 –
December 5, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments



This is my contest entry to a contest currently being held over at VGDC. There are 3 shorts, and I hope you find 'em funny =)


hahah i liked when yoshi tried to fly and then shadow shot him with laser


This was pretty good, funny, enjoyable, only problem i had was the cursor was a lil screwy, it went below some of the background, other than that it was cool.


this was good. i especialy liked the 2nd scene. bit of nostagia always goes well with me. + the end...superb.

The Ownage!

Loved the ending!!
Make vector images next time!!@!!!@111

XD Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

I love this movie (not that i want to marry it, that would kind of cross the border, is that correct?). I love the part where the egg travels from 19-i-forgot to today. Bascically, i like everything. It's funny.


i hope this does really good in the contest.so far urs is one of my favorites(also see ZeroMega's entry) and i loved the second skit but i think you might be right about people not understanding it fully.but i got it.and i had a similiar idea for my entry about being in the wrong game,but you did it a lot better than i was gonna do it so no worries.good luck!

F-KREW Leader

((( CUTE )))

Haha this was cool, and with the sprites very cute, the humor was good like yoshi smoking a cig haha, lots of great sprite backounds and great humor that kept me well entertained, so notbad, could have been somewhat longer but was funny, so keep up the sprite action, its looking good...



very funny ^^
go on

Cool, funny, and awesome.

I have to admit, I really liked this movie. Although the graphics weren't the best, I guess that was the point anyway, I still loved the movie.

Funnier than the original YI3

very good, funny and original nice use of blending difrent pixles. I have to say i liked this better than the version Solem made which makes me feel like a trator because im a huge solem fan but this is just plain and simply more funny.

A bit short but,

That was some fun use of sprties ^^ combinding Yoshi with Sonic..well never thought of that one :) A bit short but it was good so maybe thats why i think its to short cus i want more of the good stuff ^^

Cheers Mate!

WTF?! Where did Shadow come from?!

Anyway this should do well in the contest good luck!!

Freakin' Awesome

Always look forward to your stuff man. This was one of the best of your stuff! Keep it up!

Hahaha I love it when you use Mario sprites :D

Great job lilmario. Personally, I think this is one of your best sprite animations. The humor was decent, but some parts just weren't too funny to me, I dunno. But then again, it's not easy to make me laugh ':) Anyway, the animation was very nice and the only flaw I can point out was when you had the speeding backgrounds from all those Mario games. Some of them were a bit jerky, but it didn't distract very much from the movie. Well, it looks like you're headed for a daily 3rd :D and once again, great job man!

luved it

man this was so funny i ahve seen the other ones 4 the contest but they are not at all this good SO FUNNY hope you win and if it already started and you didn't well then :( wish you did


I have to admit that this was funnier than Randy Solems version. It was just a bit funnier. It was great!!! Good Job

Sorry man...

But this just didn't do it for me. I really didn't find it that funny, however it looks like many people did so your probably on the right track. I guess the egg one was amusing, but I didn't see anything in the other two.


Great. Just a suggestion, though.
Make the cursor go over the rest of the stuff.
You know... like "Bring to Front". And then on the black outline choose "Bring to Front".
Unless that was on purpouse.

This is better than Randy Solem's!

You, Lilmario, are a big master of comedy! The second sketch was funny...going all the way through, only to return to the exact spot where it was thrown...and whatever Shadow was flying, I wish that would be in his upcoming game...GENIUS, my friend. I really wish I had Flash.

Pretty Funny, dude.

Great Job, Lilmario. Those were pretty funny outtakes. Now I gotta get to my YI movie for the VGDC, I'll see ya back at fourms when I'm done.

More of my competition {D

It seems a lot of people in the competition has their little own intro to start the movie, yours is by far the most random O.o

Well anyways good luck.

<deleted> responds:

It's in celebration of shadows new game xD

Heh heh

Hey lil mario its me king_david
lol this is gonna b a tough one which entry is better? mine or yours? well just have to wait XD

<deleted> responds:

Our scores sre the same omg! GOOD LUCK =D


lol that was hilareos!!! shado shot baby mario ha!!

<deleted> responds:

Glad you liked it sir =)


I love these directors cuts! Make More!!! PLEASE! PEACE!

<deleted> responds:


Damn, I wish it was to be longer!

This is some real compeition into this contest man. This was pretty funny and humorous... BUT, it needs to be longer. Yes I can understand, but if only the contest is allowed to make movie's longer. Nice Job.

<deleted> responds:

I ran out of ideas XP

Glad you think this is a good entry =)


That was so damn funny,excellent job yet again lilmario and i hope you win the contest. =)

<deleted> responds:

Me too! Thanks =D

"Yoshi!" "Yoshi" "Yo-WTF?!"

You a seriously overusing the word "Yoshi!" it may be cute an all but it pretty much is a drag, Eggs journey...where the hell did you get that from? News paper?

Btw that word "Yoshi" IS VERY annoying, stop saying it. its a 0 for me im afraid , make a diffrent flash instead of this damn green bush.

<deleted> responds:

I made Yoshi say 'Yoshi' twice!



really good sprite flash,one of the best ive seen in a long time

<deleted> responds:

Cheers =)


OK that was comPLETELY unexpected, and very well done. The only thing that disappointed me was that there was WAY too much randomness... 1-2 made the most sense and it was still REALLY wierd!

Brilliant work, Lilmario, I expect to see more of your great movies submitted to the portal!

<deleted> responds:

Your one looks way better xD


that stunk, im sorry man try harder


<deleted> responds:

Can't please 'em all =/


didnt really see anything funny... i acually havnt seen anyones yi3 submission funny yet

<deleted> responds:

Your reviews stink >XP
Your movies rock though.

reminds me of that Super Mario Bloopers movie

i think that you should make more of these.

<deleted> responds:

I might =D

Pixed Man!!

I love pix videos keep doing some longer and with a little more violence and you will be really good =)#(

<deleted> responds:



I loved these skits. I was partial to the first, second, and third ones (imagine that); please make some more.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks =D


It was like a ride i diddnt want to get off of, i loved the whole egg through time thing

<deleted> responds:

Glad you did, I thought it was quite original =D

heh, nice on phil

yet another great sprite movie by you :d i voted 5, bravo dude

<deleted> responds:

Cheers =D


man...that was too funny...I about choked on my gum...dude you gotta make more, that was too good to just be the only one

<deleted> responds:

I will =D


I always watch ya and always I give an 55555 soo keep 'em coming

<deleted> responds:

Thanks =D


this totally rocked! Specially the Unreal Tournament's "GODLIKE" part, I loved it. Good job man!

<deleted> responds:

I just *had* to add that soundclip in after Shadow owns Yoshi XD


Great job on this. I liked all the sounds you used for it from games. My personal favorite was the "Godlike" sound from Unreal Tournament.

Keep up the funny.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks, and I will =D


ake anhoter one, very good work!

<deleted> responds:

I shall kind sir =D

kick ass!!!

dude that was fucking halarious.....i loved the eggs journy lol

<deleted> responds:

Glad you did =)

Your a credit to your race

its about time to see something worthy of voting on come through the protal, and if you look at my previous reviews you would see this is a huge compliment

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for your nice review man =)


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