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This is the Second ed the robot cartoon. I've used flash 8 to give it effects such as motion blur and layer bleeding effects. All of the shiny look to the charactes isnt a flash 8 featuer it was done manualy with gradients.

I hope you like



well for starters its a lil bit babyish work on that
um mabey get abit corse in ur nex stuff
but apart fron dat its preaty good just nex one work on it

that was an evil dog

I liked the first one better
you should make a game where you make a robot out of junk parts and then it reacts differently to different stuff that happens to it/him/her/whatever. that be coool!


Umm you mention on the page for this submission that some people only see the shadows. Well I'm one of them I went to your site to try to find the instructions on how to veiw this flash fully and I couldn't find them. I haven't rated your submission yet, and I won't until I actualy see it. Please make the info easier to find.

MasterFury responds:

There is instructions at the bottem of the movie window that has the best link and instructions.


I downloaded the new plugin and it played slowly ;<.

MasterFury responds:

Dunno what the problem is?
could be your computer?

so so

I didn't blam it because it looks like you have some skill, I just got bored with it. Your animation was ok, and you did well on the sound, but the flow was pretty slow. If that is what you where going for, then it's just not my taste. If not, then keep in mind most people have no attention span and speed up your scenes. That's my 2 cents. Keep maken em

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MasterFury responds:

thatnks for your reviw its is actualy good to see some people have constructive critisium not just you usual "This Sux just coz". but you cant make everyone happy.

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3.03 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2005
12:45 AM EDT
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