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Their is over 150 buttons to play. I gave credit to all the sites i got all the stuff on the credits.Be careful with the last button....ITS NASTY!!!


((( VERY NICE SB )))

Wow i must say this was a big one but with all the buttons it made up for it, lts of funny choices in there, and while the filesize was large and stuff, it was well worth the wait as it was funny stuff, nice SB...

Maybe some animations to go with each buttons???

A great soundboard if not one of the best gret sounds...


why the hell they give bad reviews?

god, i love jay and silent bob, I think this is my fav. flash so far, and ive seen alotta flash, keep up the good work

CashFlash4Life responds:

finally someone on this website that isnt a big kid that thinks hes tough behind a computer


This is quite possibly the worst soundboard ever. Most of the quotes are too long and involve too many characters. Plus, the buttons are so small, you can barely even read qhat they are, so you are pretty much forced to clikc on them to find out what they do. Total CRAP!

CashFlash4Life responds:

Shut Up You N00b Thats way you have no flash

Complete Crap

Before people even bother putting a game on the site, please make sure that 1 other person besides yourself thinks it is actually "good" or "fun."


CashFlash4Life responds:

Before writing bad reviews about other peoples flash you should make sure you have some flash of ur own....so try and make somethin and put it on newgrounds and well see if it survives...OK

Fuck ABEW19043

he doesnt know wtf he's talkin bout jay & silent bob are the shit man YEAH!!!!

CashFlash4Life responds:

Word Bitch Phantoms Like a MoFucka

Thanks for the review:)

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3.34 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2005
10:09 PM EDT
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