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Stikfas Stealth Mission

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A movie I made a few years ago when I was inspired by the original Splinter Cell game.
I apologise for the large file size, but as I said, I did this a few years ago whilst I was still getting to grips with image compression and flash image compression!
The Music is "Race" by Yello.

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Love to see more.

That was some really smooth animation, although they walked like they had crapped their pants. I think it would be cool if you made this into a series!


It was ok, could be better though, more effort and time with some surrounding flashy effects would be cool, and the music well not my fav ebut didnt seem like it fit well with what was going on, it was entertaining though...

more effort in effects and some compressing aswell...

Neat idea and fun action but needs more to it...


Not bad

i love stikfas so just for that im giving u a five but the music was terrible
so if could chang the music it would be great =P but still cool stikfas


Ok i know Splinter cell is about stealth and yes you did have stealth in it but a tank? and killing a civilian qwould be a mission failed too! And about the music?!? I don't even want to ask!

zpyder responds:

Hehe. The animation was inspired by splinter cell, but is not based upon it!
I think to clarify the music, maybe it's the cheesey british sense of humour coming through. It was done tongue in cheek, as I don't think my level of skill, nor the figures, could make use of a more serious background music :)

not bad

The best thing about this animation was the sound, it matched the movements perfectly. However, the character just waddled and thats a shame as Stikfas toys are one of the best toys for animating and you missed their full potential by a long shot. but all in all it wasn't that bad and entertaining to watch.

zpyder responds:

Aye. I find, due to the size, its hard to animate the stikfas properly for things such as walking. The only thing I can do though is practise practise practise.
I also didn't want to do whats been done loads of times before, and do a martial arts style animation. I wouldn't be able to do a good one, and I felt it was a bit of a change to make use of the little guns that come with the stikfas for some shooting. I have an idea which will involve 2 groups of stikfas in a big firefight, which'll give me a chance to play with explosions and gun effects a bit more! thanks for reviewing!