Bird Battles: ROTD

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aaaah! so you all know, im 13, which means things take LONGER. my brain capacity has seemed to shrink especially with school starting up and i have BUSTED MY BUTT to finish this thing. just note: i made this for free and submitted it for free. the reason i submit this is to make you happy and allow you to have fun! i think i speak for every not-so-popular artist in NG saying that i only have good intentions in mind for you ppl! i love you guys!



Ha this was a fun game, its not everyday you see an original game like this woth good gaming and great coding on it, it does have a basic sense to it but also has a very original idea, fun game i loved it...

More "SOUND/FX" for one maybe some better graphics aswell more effects, and more harder levels...

A fun duck game really was an original idea of a game, i had lots of fun with it, nice gaming...


and i thought they were penquins >_< DOH!

it was good but what does an agnet have to do with stealing food and stuff and whats a parrot doing in here anyway the picture right beside play game

Pretty Good

Same here. I liked it all the way until the chase scene. There were too many boats in that small square and I got frustrated with the steering. I like the plot. Keep it up

Not to bad

Was fun till I got to the chase scene, I didnt find it very easy to maneuver the boat and got frustrated and quit

I had to start all over.

When it came to the part when I had to slash their necks off by pressing space, I had to start over because they saw me. Work harder on this game, please... regaurdless if you're 13...

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3.08 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2005
1:38 PM EDT
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