Chicken Suit for the Soul

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Sitting at the computer can be pretty boring. It's a good thing there are friends who are there to distract you from your all important work...

It's short, deal with it...This was created as a school project demonstrating what I like to do...Enjoy¸.·'´¯ƒ)


very nice

I liked this a lot.

Graphics are ... well, kind of primitive. But it has the feeling of "stylistic choice" rather than "laziness" or "lack of skill," and they do work well for this piece.

The animation is understated but quite nicely done. In particular, I like the way the character stretched vertically as he ducked out of sight there towards the end. It was a tiny little touch, but it was done perfectly, and it's that kind of attention to detail that takes a piece from "okay" to "great."

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Sk8erGirl14 responds:

your quite right...Often enough people dont pay attention to the small things...either cause they dont even notice them(which is good) or they know what it takes to do those small minute so called Bells and Whistles that make a piece elevated in quality...you got a sharp eye...I palyed with easing in and out in lost of places in this movie...

Thanks for the review...


Nice, simple, elegant, yet very entertaining.
It really plays off the reality of how tied up people get with their computers, so tied up in fact that they notice nothing that goes on around them.
I liked it, keep up the good work.

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Sk8erGirl14 responds:

...Glad you liked it...and yes some of my friends are "that" interested in the internet and their computers...just like me...

Thanks for the review...


what.. the.. fuck?

Sk8erGirl14 responds:

Indeed... d[^__^]b


When one guy is trying to get the attention of a friend who is fully immeresed in his computer, he will do whatever it takes to get noticed. This is the type of movie that just goes to show you that you do not need the greatest graphics in the world to entertain a view and carry a movie. As long as you have a complete character design, black and white or not, and a basic design, it will work for you. I loved the concept, and the various attempts for attention. the lack of color throughout the movie definately sets you up for the "surprise" ending with it's over abundance of color. I liked the sound effects, the Apple Switch theme went well, along with other various sounds like the 'whishing' one. Keep up the good work,


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Sk8erGirl14 responds:

wow, I really dont need to say any more, you covered it in your review...

Thank you...

hey man! thats nice!

the music was so good for the situation, that waz good! it was kinda funny, i reely enjoyed it, not bad dawg!

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Sk8erGirl14 responds:

Thanks Dawg...^_____^ I enjoyed making it probably as much as you did watching it...yeah I had a hard time finding out what the name of the song was and you createdit...it's called "Spit" oddly enough?

Thanks for the review...

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3.78 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2005
7:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Original