Chicken Suit for the Soul

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Sitting at the computer can be pretty boring. It's a good thing there are friends who are there to distract you from your all important work...

It's short, deal with it...This was created as a school project demonstrating what I like to do...Enjoy¸.·'´¯ƒ)


OHHH! I get it!!

I know understand it, I waz like,'_' `fer a seconndthen like OHH, thats funny !


yeah, i realy liked it, i like the drawing style and the music fits perfect
nice job :)

Lol that was pretty funny

That was a good movie.But there were some spots where using sound would have made it a little better.But overall it was pretty good.Keep up the good work.


What a creative title, hehe, the animation is just as creative in itself as well, heh. Great stuff, very stylish, simple, and tiny filesized as well. Incredible! Keep going!


Sk8erGirl14 responds:

Cool, glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the review.

ugh, but will

+++ Cute 'story'.

+++ Good use of limited colour to attract attention.

-- Yes, it may be short and small in size. But it still doesn't load instantly. Really, always have a play button.

- Terrible hitbox for 'replay' button. The 'hit' frame represents what area the mouse can activate the button from. Normally, a rectangle works well.

--- Feels a little 'empty'. Like I seemed to be searching for some message or joke that maybe wasn't there. I watched it 3 times, hoping to find some further meaning. Maybe that we should remember our silly/funky friends and turn off our PCs once in a while? That friends are great?
I could see it, but somehow, I didn't really 'feel' it. Sorry for not being able to pinpoint why.

++++ Brilliant synching to sounds. Are all those sounds from one piece of music? Works brilliantly.

++ Charming little characters.

Enjoyed watching this a few times. Didn't really laugh, but will remember it for sure!

Sk8erGirl14 responds:

I created some sounds for this movie, and borrowed the rest and music...Audio is 1 track and SFX another...

...simplicity was my desired goal here, to fit with the music, more advanced characters just didn't look right...

thanks for the review...

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3.78 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2005
7:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Original