The greatest super hero!

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This is my first ever flash on newgrounds. A friend helped me out Search on ng for a author called maxyboy. So please vote high and review. Thanks enjoy by creator of flash freaks Josh Davis.


Not bad, but not especially good

A little fart humor, but not too much of it, quite funny in fact.
The judges might have been done better.

Flashdavis responds:

yeah i sould of made them better but they look weird and i am glad u found it funny

flash freaks ;:D

I want to give it a seven point five...

But that isn't in here. So a seven will have to do. It wasn't the greatest submission of the day, but I do think it was funny. I think it would have been funnier if you had some wierd voices for the characters you featured. Then I might have given it an eight. But good job anyway.

Flashdavis responds:

yer it was funny thanks for the high score it means loads for my first flash

flash freaks ;:D


umm... like... the intro of ur movie was good.. and the actual movie was horrible... like... next time... make the opening shit and spend time of the actual movie. and add sound. basically.. it was horrible, cept for the loading and the start button.

Flashdavis responds:

soz but it was my first so hope fully i will make better one

Flash freaks creator

it, just, wasn't funny.

animation was okay, but work on your jokes, seriously,

Flashdavis responds:

i am sorry it did not please u but it is my first and hope fully i will make more

Flash freaks creator

Well done!

Well done this is brilleant for a first flash. I loved the varity of sprites you used. Them judges made me roll on the floor laughing. Also sonics fart power lol. Scorpions sex power made me laugh!! Thanx for putting I helped you out with the sprites ;)

Maxyboy :D

Flashdavis responds:

You are the man protecting me like a fellow bucth would lol

I used ur preloader as a thanxs
bucth out ;:D

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2.15 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2005
5:35 PM EDT
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