Kungfu 2001

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KungFu KungFu KungFu KungFu


Where's the sound?!

The big problems in your animations is the missing of the sounds!...

And it doesn't fit this much...

What the?

a guy called Audio-X makes a movie that is so short you hardly understand it and it doesn't even have any adio... whay call yourself auio-x when making a movie without sound?:S

Is that it?

It seems like this wasn't finished or something. Why would the guy call himself Audio-X if there was no audio at all in this movie? It's quite boring, I wouldn't have wasted my time watching it if I had known how bad it was. Although it's only about 10 seconds long...

better luck next time

They couldve made it a lot more real than just used arms grow out so long. not really a great movie. it didnt really make sense and he tried to be funny but it was kinda stupid

I'm more confused by the minute.

Does anybody else think it's strange that we see all these movies by Audo-X and none of them have any sound? Or is that supposed to be a joke?

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1.85 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2001
2:04 PM EDT
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