Elian - Wazzup!!!

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HEY YOU! Before you review this and talk about the WASSUP thing being played out, please note when this was created. This was made a LONG time ago and was actually the first wassup clip on newgrounds. Sorry about all the others that other people made after mine, there's nothing I can do about that. This isn't some new rip-off, it's the original. Thanks


A classic!

I've shocked myself giving this a ten seeing as it's got fairly minimal animation and is really just a collection of jpegs set to a commercial. But this is the origianl Wazzup parody! Before everything else came along and ran it into the ground (and the Bud commercials themselves ran it into the ground) this was the movie that came along and took a massive news story at the time (with a fairly iconic picture) and turned it into a hilarious movie.

Congrats on the originality on display here, and for creating such a legendary parody!


In a word: F***ing random and hilarious.

11 years later I did research on this...

Elian Gonzoles that is. I have seen this guy everywhere back in the day and never understood what it was. I was only 9 or so.

But yeah still the Wazzup parody gets a good chuckle out of me I guess. That said good job and all I spose despite no originality in this.

Still funny!

Obviously made when the "Whazzup!" phrase became popular. This one is still funny after all these years. It's also very nostalgic. Sometimes, I wish I could return to the time this was first released. Things were so simple back then. I miss the good ol' days. Anyway, great flash! I liked the editing of the mouth movements. It was well done!

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got deleted once and is back but his name is close to boner u notice that? nice work with the pics and getting this back up.

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Apr 26, 2000
10:38 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody