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Some people have been hacking the scorelist, just for you all to know:
Everything above 150.000 is imposible to get

We heard some complaints that the original was too hard.

So here is a n00b edition, its easier, a bit shorter, and has its own highscore list. People should now be able to finish the game easier.

Once you played this, you can play the full game. Which is much harder and longer.

Toggle quality: Q, Toggle sound: S, Toggle background: B
move: Arrow keys, Jump: Space


Man...I loved this

Dont know what he means with twitchy ness...might just be his comp because I had no problemz. Sometimes the game wouldn't catch it when I clicked the "Space Bar" but dat's mainly it. Great job. I loved the style, gameplay, and the music all flawless. I love these simple yet very addicting styles of gaming. The simple onez always are :). Great job. I'm giving this some real consideration whether or not to put on my favorites or not. 2 thumbz way up d('.'d)


Always thinking of every one :D

Awesome, as usual





I like the colors its a good game but a bit laggy i prefer the hard version good game


I saw this on NG yesterday and didn't think twice about not playing it. I dom't like these kind og games, I find them boring. But as it got a daily place, I though I'd give it a go.

At first it was just what I expected- simple graphics, standard sound (annoyingly without an off button), simple concept. But as it went on it became impressive. The level design is fantastic, and the level of precision is unbelievable.

I kept wanting to stop playing but there'd be something to stop me- for example when I finished l13 I hovered over the Close button then saw the lava and had to have a try. The level variation was very good.

Then comes the boss. Loved it, took me a LOT of attempts but I got it. Then there was the escape level which was also excellent but sadly I just couldn't do it, maybe this should have been split up into smaller parts.

In terms of improvements, there are quite a few. A save system would be nice, I'd like to have been able to try Escape again another day. Sound off button. The graphics don't need to be great here but there is room for improvement. On the next game maybe you could bring colour mixing into the gamplay (like becoming orange means you can survive yellow and red blocks). You could also become white/black/brown etc.

Very good, 5/5


You can turn of the sound by pressing S

Thanks for the nice comments, i dont see why people think the escape scene is so hard though

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3.60 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2005
4:00 AM EDT
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