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Some people have been hacking the scorelist, just for you all to know:
Everything above 150.000 is imposible to get

We heard some complaints that the original was too hard.

So here is a n00b edition, its easier, a bit shorter, and has its own highscore list. People should now be able to finish the game easier.

Once you played this, you can play the full game. Which is much harder and longer.

Toggle quality: Q, Toggle sound: S, Toggle background: B
move: Arrow keys, Jump: Space



Introduction: Another submission from GAMECUBICLE... I am glad it's easyer, I couldn't beat the other version. No story line, just jump to the finish circle without thouching the ground. Kinda reminded me of sperm :).

Graphics: Well even for circle and sticks they were pretty good. The circle that you moved wasn't just one solid colour and it turned as you moved it. The backround was alright too. I suppose it was the same one from Fly?
[Graphics: 7/10]

Style: A simple platform game but you actually need some skill. More like playing The Prince Of Persia than something were you just shoot and kill like Medal Of Honour. It's more like The Prince Of Persia because in that game, you need to use your brain.
[Style: 8/10]

Sound: Just backround music of piano. No other sound effects when the ball lands on a platform or jumps or anything. Nothing really too special.
[Sound: 6/10]

Violence: One of the many fun games that contain no violence. Some people say there are NO good games with no violence, but I know a few.
[Violence: 0/10]

Interactivity: Really basic controls, arrows: move, space bar: jump. It's a game and it was buttons so you nearly get full marks. If you had of made it so you could get powerups of somesort that would make you jump higher or shoot out a grapling hook, somehow, it would have given you better interactivity.
[Interactivity: 9/10]

Humor: Now these games come in the few. When you game has no violence, humor, or storyline, it's darn near impossible to make it threw but you pulled it off :).
[Humor: 0/10]

Overall: This game was a no brainer! Play it if your happy or sad or stressed, it will make you feel better improve the sound so thers some when you jump or something, make a storyline and it will be perfect.
[Overall: 9/10]


Whats the b doing on the top btw?

Ahh well. Thanks for the long review. I didnt do powerups cause i wanted to have something for a sequel as well, i can always do that if i make a sequel.


After level 10 the game starts glitching BADLY. It freezes for a frame every half second, which is repeatedly lethal for anyone playing. Fix it, and the game might be playable.

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you just got a slow comp, and its newgrounds too, newgrounds dramatically slows down the game, i dont have this problem when i play it on my site.

Hmm. Hard to put my finger on it...

I just can't like this game. After about the first five levels or so, I was thinking "Um... why exactly am I playing this? I'm not really enjoying it, and it's not getting any better."

I felt the same thing about the earlier ("harder") version, though it took a little longer that time.

Level design? Collision detection? Game control? Visual interest? Beats me what's wrong with it. It's just not much fun.

In the interest of fairness I'll reveal that I tend not to like platformers a whole lot, and that's basically what this is.

Oh, one factor I can definitely point to, and it IS a level/game design problem: because you restart instantly when you die, on some levels this means that you're going to immediately die again because you were probably moving right or left at the time. That gets annoying real fast.

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Its probably just you, i can understand if you dont like this game though, some people just like shooters or something better.

I found not one thing fustrating, not one.

but it was an excelent game, I really am addicted playing now, thanks..no really, not sarcastic or anything ^^


YAY! finally someone who just plays it and doesnt bashes on: Its too hard
ITS NOT TOO HARD, its just hard :)
Just like you say.

I see you set a highscore as well (i think.. you the "ME" one in the highscore list?


"So here is a n00b edition"

nothign to do with the last one being too hard. your level design is horrible.

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most people who played it loved the level design, its just hard

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3.60 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2005
4:00 AM EDT
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