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Some people have been hacking the scorelist, just for you all to know:
Everything above 100.000 is imposible to get

If this is too hard for you, play the n00b edition:

Actionscript: Glaiel Gamer Art/Animation/Level Design: Gamecubicle

Almost all the bugs people complaint about are gone now!

Note: Make sure you have some free time! The game is pretty long.
Arrow keys to move, Space to jump, S to toggle sound, Q to toggle quality, B to turn of the background.

After about 6 weeks of hard work, we are proud to present to you...RAINBOWSPHERE

Its a puzzle/action game, its hard, but rewarding, once you finished the game you can even submit your highscore!




it was an ok game but it coulda been better and if your like the last noob who revued this u gota jump into the dots


there is something wrong on the secound level u car,t get past this little blue dot to the finish sort this out but thr first level was good


It Was awesome, Like Nothing ive seen Befor But there is a small glitch where when you lose it Flashes...or at least on my puter it got a little annoying but Great Job!

Just one flaw....

This game is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it...I tried myself for a personal record and i can get to lvl 10 is 60 seconds. But don't even worry Aldrenean because I was in your position too...I can't beat lvl 25, but because once you jump into the portal it sends you straight back to the beginning of that lvl. Its pretty dang hard to get past those little stars and time it right....but I've "beaten" it 4 times without beating it so I think this programmer needs to fix the problem.

*Tip* For anybody stuck on any of the snow lvls like 21!, or 23!, a really good tip if you don't already know is don't even try to time your jump since you have to hit the spacebar the instant you hit the iceblock or snowball, you can just hold down the spacebar! ALso, on lvl 23, when your going up the snowball stairs, you must wait until the very top of the jump to move over onto the next snowball and I think there are like 2 snowballs there that are just a little higher than your jump so you practically move into them and it will still jump you up if you do it right.

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This game is like crack cocaine.

HOOOOLY DAMN this game is addictive! I played it for about 2 hours straight. I couldn't beat 25, every time I jumped into the finish it killed me, even when the little spark thing was on the other side. But that was probably just me being dumb.
The lag, however, just killed me. Random spots of lag are the worst thing possible for a game like this. Maybe a move to Shockwave vs. Flash would be best?
Overall, however, this is probably the best puzzle-type game I have ever played. Brilliant, and not nearly as hard as is made out by everyone else.

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3.66 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2005
4:15 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other