Bug Bash

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AS: Asvegren
Art: Sarcastro
Voices: TESM

You are just about to go on your perfect day out when you get attacked by hundreds of mosquitos! Use your awsome dual swords to kill as many bugs as possible, and do it fast to gain combo points. It's Bug Bash time!

Arrow keys - Move
Space - Attack


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fun but

what about crushing it with your foot?


that was 10 mins of my life wasted one the WORST GAME EVER! lol IM JUST KIDDING this game is pretty awsome tho keep the good work up, make the animations a tad bit better and let him have a better arsenal of weapons like guns more swords or even let him use his own fists, overall this game has great gameplay but could be improved make a second 1 please


This was a fun game, and not what i expected at all really was fun and entertaining, the weapons were neat kinda only shot so much that was a downer but still a fun game, and nice backrounds, aswell as some needed "SOUND/FX" which made it even more fun, nice game...

Maybe make it so the guy has different wepons at his disposal, or maybe he can unlock some...

A fun game, good idea,, could be improved with some better features, but still a fun game nice work...


As the voice of this thing

To respond to the previous review, I did the into as such because I thought that sarcastic would be a nice touch. In any case, the game in itself looked better in the beta, I guess animation and graphic quality was a framerate problem. unfortunately, the cons outdo the pros of this game. However, it's not all bad, but it's really a 'meh' game. plus I didn't see (yet) any credits for me.
oh well.

but I thought it was neat someone though my 'crappy' voice was funny at least. Oh well, you'll just have to keep trying.

keep at it.

It Wasn't As Good As I Expected

Graphics-The low quality was really annoying. The attack animation was pretty crappy too. It looked like you were throwing a boomerang. 6/10

Style-Bug killing. Not too innovative. 2/10

Sound-My ears aren't feeling too good after listeng to this. 2/10

Violence-Mosquitos? The dual swords sounded exciting. but even they were pretty weird looking. 4/10

Interactivity-You can't even attack in the air! What's up with that? 4/10

Humor-The crappy intro made me laugh so much I almost fell off my chair. 6/10

Overall-This was pretty dull. I'm a fan of Games of Gondor, so this was very dissapointing. 4/10

Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2005
2:26 PM EDT
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