Every Sperm is Sacred

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a musical for the whole family.

Edit: please religious people from anywhere, don't kill me ! I like you long time, like me too !

This clip was inspired by the wonderful song "every sperm is sacred", performed by the monty pythons in the movie "the meaning of life". The main character of this movie is Monsieur Quéquette, a dick so cute that everyone would like to hug and kiss it (i am sure you will want it too).

The artistic purpose of Monsieur Quéquette, if any at all, is to blend together what wasn't meant to, cuteness and sickness. This animation is not actually sick due to the graphical style, or so I hope, but the depicted facts could shock in another context. After all, it's full of cannibals, happy crucified cocks, vomit and extreme bukkake, and so on.

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as i enjoyed doing it ( two damn months of my pathetic life). Click the link at the end of the movie for more.


Well now

If The monty python team saw that, you would get a medal :P It is just wonderfull

Oh dear fucking christ . . .

THERE WAS A JESUS PENIS, PEOPLE! A Jesus penis! Not to mention that god gets ejaculated on . . . and if you look closely at the stained glass window, the alterboy is in a questionable position in relationship to the priest. GO CATHOLICS!

I loved it. I was pleased to see religions represented as penises . . . that just made me happy. Just a comment: The beginning of the animation also reminded me of the penis song . . . also from The Meaning of Life.

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that rocked, the song and everything the drawings aw man that totally changed mah wicked ways so i wont waste no mo sperm XD


Ahh, that brought me back....
Good thing I'm a Protestant. I get to WEAR French Ticklers.

i have no idea what i watched, but it was amusing so yea 5 stars

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Sep 14, 2005
11:31 AM EDT
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