Jason vs Aliens - Part 2

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The second part to my crossover series. In Crystal Lake everyone can hear you scream. 3 months in the making here it is - Jason vs Aliens - Part 2. Be sure to watch part 1 first lol.


well this is better then most of the other stuff

well first off ya did good witht he jason and made him like he should be,quiet deadly and stealthy,the blonde haired guy was funny lol


Good stuff, can see you have put alot of effort into these, graphics arent the best, but you make up for it in other things, look forward to the 3rd one. Good Work!!!


I likes it. Keep up the good work m8.

pretty good

i liked it. real nice work and keep it up. can't wait for the next one.

only flaw was the graphics everything else was great.

You've been reviewed by "O.C"


I very rarely score 9's and 10's on flashes for people. I fived this and you get a 10 for style (you're an awesome director) and a 9 for sound (your sound effect placements, and mood music placements are great.)

I was quite shocked to discover that this flash contains NONE of the staple retardness that is almost a prerequisite for flash cartoons. Your graphics are below standard but considering the excellence of everything else (and the size of the single project you're undertaking) that's easily forgivable. I especially admired that there was no violence for violence scenes. Most of them had the excellent "hitchcock" suspense style added, I love this. The one criticism I have for this is the voice actors. Not their skill, but there origin. Crystal Lake is in rural United States. Considering that Jason has been in space, Hell and a number of other ridiculous places there's no reason that he couldn't have somehow shown up in Cornwall or Liverpool. It's weird to know they're at Crystal Lake yet hear everyone with a Brit accent.

Excellent job dude, and looking forward to the next one.

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3.60 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2005
8:03 AM EDT